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( i suppose you've come for me? ) - ( ic contact for asgard )

You've reached the— Doctor, number two, the one with the silly hair cut, whichever new identifier someone has come up with and I haven't been able to hear yet. Leave a message and I'll get to it as soon as I can. If it's urgent, keep doing it, or scream, I'll get to it faster in that case.
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voice; day 379; aka the day after the party

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You know, I-

[and then there's a pause. Turlough's been guilt-tripping every Doctor he could think of because really, not one of you could mention the whole 'my brother is here' thing, but he actually really likes this Doctor. And besides, Two's the newest, unlike some of the others he has an excuse.]

You know what, never mind. It was wonderful seeing you at the party, Doctor.
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voice; day 379; i aim to please. c:

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I chose to sneak those bits of food, thank you very much. [said with a small little laugh.]
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voice; day 379; not a prob doctor

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I was going to bother you about something, but I decided against it, [he said, with a tone of voice that implied 'no biggie.']